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Music In Weddings

Music is important in a wedding as it helps set the mood. It can make the wedding more romantic and dramatic, and it can make a dramatic moment lighter and more fun.

For the wedding ceremony, you need to focus mostly on the music for the processional and recessional. You’ll need music in the background as the wedding participants enter; this signifies that the ceremony has begun. You’ll want to remember the moment the bride walks towards the groom and the lovely music playing as she does.

The most popular wedding march is The Bridal Chorus from Richard Wagner’s opera Lohengrin more popularly known as Here Comes the Bride. For the recessional you can use the classic Wedding March by Mendelssohn. Both of these songs are popular, have been used in a lot of weddings all over the world, and are considered classics. Although nowadays more couples are open to using modern songs for their wedding. Songs like Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years is a popular choice, while some choose a more fun and upbeat song like Chris Brown’s Forever.

At the wedding reception you can choose whether to hire a live band, or hire a DJ for the music. You have to consider a lot of factors before you make the decision. Ask yourself what vibe you want in your reception. Do you want a cool and laidback vibe, or do you want guests to be able to dance around? You have to consider also the variety of music you want to be played, check if your venue will be able to accommodate an entire band or just a DJ’s booth, and of course, check which one will fit your budget.

Live bands are traditional and are great because they can get a crowd excited. There are songs that actually sound better when performed live. However, a live band is more expensive than a DJ, and sometimes the number of songs they can perform is limited to their repertoire and style, so they might not be able to perform all of your requests.

DJ’s nowadays are more creative and can play all the songs that you want to hear at your wedding. They can also help pump up the crowd to keep the party going, and have everyone in a good mood. However, DJ’s can’t provide the same excitement as a live band. If the DJ you hire is not so friendly and energetic, then he can change the mood of the party and become a buzz kill.

Take your time in making a decision regarding the music in your wedding. Make sure you’re able to watch them live before you choose between a band and a DJ. Listen to their playlists, watch their videos, and ask them to play your favorite songs. Make sure that they’re exactly what you want to hear for your wedding. Do some research and ask your friends for recommendations. Choose carefully to make your wedding fun and unforgettable.

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