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Understanding That Aquarius Boyfriend

Aquarian men are born between the 20th of January and the 18th of February and is an Air Sign of the Zodiac. Understanding an aquarius man means understanding his characteristics and how these affect his decision making, behaviour and overall personality.

In general, the Aquarian male does not share his true nature or feelings easily making him appear detached and unemotional. However, this does not mean that he is quiet or withdrawn but rather thrives on a busy social life and makes a solid and dependable friend. They are very patient and good listeners and are apt to make friends even with those people who are considered to be difficult to get along with.

Despite his social nature, an Aquarian does like his alone time. He is independent and strong and can spend months at a time with his own thoughts.

He also has a very strong work ethic and his career can often overshadow his social life and relationships. In fact, many of his friends will be work colleagues or work in a similar industry or field. He loves to learn something new and will provide well for a partner or family.

Your Aquarian man is also a bit of an animal lover and is likely to take in stray pets or own one or two of his own. This reflects the humane side of his personality and his generosity of spirit. Aquarians can be very generous.

His overriding personality characteristic is, however, intellect and intelligence. They can however also be very creative leading to a bit of a dichotomy in their personality.

Aquarian men seem to live a life that is constantly changing or evolving. Not all of these changes are always pleasant and it can be difficult for those around him to come to terms with the constant turmoil that this can create.

It is important to be aware that Aquarian males are prone to boredom, especially when they are in a long-term or committed relationship. They crave adventure and excitement and if this doesn’t form part of the relationship, he should be able to find it outside of the relationship in order for it to last.

His penchant for hiding his emottions can make it difficult to express his love and therefore be in a relationship. It is best to be patient with the Aquarius man as he will reveal his true feelings when he feels that he can trust someone.

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