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Some Of The More Common Taurus Career Traits

If you were born on April 20, and any subsequent date all the way to May 20 you are born under the zodiac sign of Taurus. This is one of 12 possible zodiac signs in the esoteric field of astrology. Many people use this as a guideline to what they will do for their future. If you have ever read a horoscope before, this is using this type of information (for further info look here). Let’s look at a few of the common traits associated with those born under this sign, specifically addressing Taurus career traits.

How Astrology Works

The reason that many people believe that astrology can help them understand the path of their life is that they believe the date of their birth, and the position of celestial bodies, can affect the things that they do in their life. It can affect their personality, their likes and dislikes, and there is some scientific basis for this. It is known that the sun, moon, and the planets all exert a gravitational field. When the moon is aligned with the sun, it can actually change the tides of the earth. Therefore, it is possible that there are energetic frequencies at work that in some way configure the way a person ends up based upon the date that they were born.

Traits Of Those Born Under The Taurus Sign

If you were born under the sign of Taurus during the months of April and May, you may have been configured with certain personality traits. According to astrologist, people that are born under this zodiac sign are ambitious, practical, and reliable. They also are well aware of beauty, and tend to be good with finances. In fact, there are many Taurus career traits that are very beneficial for those that are seeking a life of financial freedom. It is because of their generosity, dependability, and their desire to be independent that they are self-starters. They are also persistent people, individuals that will continue to move forward, despite the circumstances in their life. All of these characteristics are beneficial for those that are seeking a career path that they will absolutely enjoy.

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, you now know why it is possible for you to have a good life financially. These Taurus career traits will allow you to persevere, regardless of your circumstances, allowing you to reach your financial goals. Although you may not realize that you have these capabilities, the zodiac signs can be very accurate. With this foundation of knowledge, you may want to consider moving forward in a career direction, knowing that you will have the tenacity and fortitude to achieve your objectives.

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A Brief Introduction To The Dog Sign Of The Chinese Zodiac

Have you recently discovered that your Chinese zodiac sign is the dog? That sounds like a lot of fun, right? (Assuming you do like dogs, of course.) Either way, the real fun comes in learning what that actually might mean about you and your personality. In keeping with the beliefs of astrology, understanding more about the dog zodiac sign can lead to a better understanding of yourself as a whole. Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into the specifics:

1 – Personality

Individuals with the dog animal sign are best known for their kindness, loyalty, and honesty. If you’ve ever owned and cared for a dog, that should already make perfect sense! Dogs are incredibly loving creatures that do everything they can to please their human counterparts, and they care deeply for other dogs in their packs or families as well. If you were born under this sign, the same is likely true for you as well.

You may struggle with communication at times however, much in keeping with the disconnect that people sometimes feel when trying to understand what their dogs want from them at times. As such, other people in your life might see you as stubborn at times. If you can remain flexible however, you can usually navigate through these situations quite easily.

Dogs are also incredibly good natured. As long as they are cared for, given attention, and fed, they won’t have a single concern in the whole world. The simplest things like great company are all they need. Their own self interests seldom take precedence. If this seems to apply to you as well, it should all be starting to make sense!

2 – Health

Much like actual dogs, those born under the dog Chinese zodiac sign are relatively easy to keep happy and healthy. An active lifestyle with plenty of recreational activities should serve you well, and you’re likely able to enjoy such things far more than others. Much like dogs, you might actually find you need quite a lot of rest at times however. Just listen to your body and act accordingly. In keeping with our canine friends, your instincts are almost always sure to be spot on. As long as you can remain easy-going and stress-free, you’ll be all set according to George Tang’s Dog analysis.

3 – Career

You’ll likely find that your best career path comes in the form of helping or serving others. This could include everything from public service to working within the medical field. You might even find that you’re perfectly happy in retail jobs. Volunteer work might also be right up your alley. You’re likely at your best when you have a clear task and goal to work towards. Being your own boss might not work out, but you should excel in any other job you apply yourself towards.

With all of that said, you should now have a better understanding of how your Chinese zodiac sign might have affected your personality. The analogous nature we often share with our animal signs is absolutely captivating, and often right on the money despite some understandable skepticism. The dog sign is among the most dignified, so wear it with a sense of pride!

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Your Guide To Tamil Astrology

Tamil Astrology forms a portion of Vedic Astrology and is recognized as effective and accurate. Tamil Astrology is also recognized as an Occult Science which imparts information about the deep-rooted connection that occurs between human beings and celestial bodies. Since the beginning of time people have struggled to understand the connection regarded as mysterious that exists between the heavenly-bodies and man.

One thing that Tamil Astrology does teach is that every person has been sent to Earth with a specific and personal task. Each of these tasks is specifically designed for each person and this task is not regarded as transferable. The Moon, Sun and galaxy of planets and stars impart different energies and are attached to us through an invisible cord. These are the cords that act as a type of communication transmitter.

In Tamil Astrology these encoded messages are translated by the different celestial bodies. For this reason, when you start to understand Tamil Astrology we start to understand some or all of the essence in regard to the connection that occurs between humans and the Milky Way.

In Tamil Astrology, the sky is divided up into 12 parts. These parts in the sky are known as the Zodiac Signs. Astrology is able to tell us about how each planet plays a role in regards to moulding our lives. According to this form of Astrology, the planets known as Graha exude an energy that impacts our day-to-day lives. In Tamil Astrology, the Horoscopes which is known as Rasi Palan can tell us about our property, health, career, children, life partner, love, etc. This Rasi Palan is represented in a chart and these charts give information on how the planets were positioned at the time of our births or when something is about to happen.

In Tamil Astrology the names of planets are different. The Sun is regarded as the more powerful out of all the planets and is known as Surya. Surya is symbolic of wisdom and serenity. The Moon is known as Chandra and this is the planet that is believed to impart the feminine attributes.

The Essence Of Tamil Astrology

Tamil is known as the oldest language in India. In fact, Tamil is recognized as one out of a few oldest languages across the globe. For this reason, there are a variety of people that still use this language proudly as their mother-tongue. The greatness of this particular language is what contributes to the importance associated with Astrology, which is most comprehensive in Tamil. The Tamil Astrology is still recognized as the most accurate in its predictions.

With the assistance of Tamil Astrology, we are not only enlightened about what we can expect into the future, but we also able to use this information for our betterment. The Tamil Astrologers (such as this lady astrologer, Dayita Rao) have a goal of promoting prosperity into the world opposed to confining this Occult Science. They believe in spreading this knowledge so that as many people can take advantage of it as possible.