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Can A Cheating Partner Really Get Away With Cheating?

One of my all time favorite movies ever made, and George Clooney if you ever find yourself reading this article I implore you to re-make this movie, is The Guide for the Married Man starring Walter Matthau. It is a hilarious comedy about a happily married man who finds out his friend Ed is having an affair. He becomes curious to the point of slightly obsessed with finding out why Ed would be having an affair given his marriage to a gorgeous and loving wife.

Ed explains the reason is to protect his wife and goes on to recount a story of a man who was attracted to other women but didn’t act on it until one day at a party he went crazy and attacked an attractive woman right in front of his wife deeply embarrassing her. So this was his 1960’s logic as to why he should have an affair. He convinces Walter to have an affair to protect his wife from possible embarrassment and tries to teach him how to cheat without getting caught. The scenarios Ed teaches him are played out by an all star cast of cameos. In the end Walter can’t go through with it and Ed ends up getting caught.

Fast track to today. The reasons for cheating might be just as thin as all the reasons in the movie but the technology that is available today makes it nearly impossible to not get caught. The only reason someone wouldn’t get caught is if their partner really did not want to know.

There are a number of spy apps that can be secretly installed on your phone that would not show up on your apps menu that basically record everything you do, everywhere you go and you would not even know that it is there watching your every move.

These apps record messages and phone calls, access your photos, and some can even pull data from popular free messaging apps. Ok so if you’re smart and keep your phone locked with a decent PIN and within sight at all times it might not be easy for someone to install an app like that but they can also be pre-installed on a phone before being given to you like a Trojan so any new phone someone gives you as a gift should be re-set to factory settings before using it.

Then there are the spy cams. These are getting more clever by the day. Some of the craziest ones were toilet bowl brush holders and bath gel bottles that are waterproof, actually hold bath gel on the top and the bottom part is a camera equipped with motion detection and a remote. There are even sports shoe hidden cameras. If someone wants to spy there are a lot of stealthy ways to spy. Dont forget about all the stealth GPS trackers available too.

Using a shared computer to search cheating sites are not wise either as auto-fill is something Google is good at so all someone has to do is start typing in the search bar and if something has been previously searched Google will auto-fill in the url. These are only a fraction of the ways a cheating partner could get caught.

The best advice: Dont cheat.

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